Instructor Spotlight - Rieghardt van Enter

Oct 28, 2021

Rieghardt van Enter, CPA, CMA is a veteran PD facilitator and a consultant with the Cordura Group providing business advisory services to organizations needing operational optimization or a new strategic focus.
Rieghardt van Enter

Rieghardt has been working in the utility, engineering, aerospace and construction sectors for the past fifteen years. As an instructor, he is known for his ability to bring relevant examples and a sense of humour to keep participants engaged for the duration of the courses he facilitates.

See what past participants say about their seminar experience with Rieghardt:

“Fantastic presenter, he was really good in making examples on the spot while using the attendee’s backgrounds to drill in the points. It was like having a very informative conversation with someone you knew.”

“Instructor was excellent – he provided examples that were relevant and kept the entire group engaged throughout the day. Would highly recommend him to others.”

Rieghardt recently teamed up with Mia Maki, herself a renowned facilitator, as faculty for the Strategic Management Certificate Program and the Advanced Strategic Management Certificate Program, programs that focus on building the critical components of leadership and strategy, and implementation of those frameworks.

In addition to the certificate programs, Rieghardt will also be leading these upcoming seminars:
Controllership – Operational Management (In-Person) – Dec 8, 2021
Controllership – Operational Management (Live Webinar) – Mar 8, 2022
Controllership – Strategic Leadership (In-Person) – Dec 10, 2021
Controllership – Strategic Leadership (Live Webinar) – Mar 15, 2022

See all seminars Rieghardt is scheduled to instruct in our Fall 2021-Winter 2022 PD program.