Resilient Leadership - Get Inspired to be More Purposeful and Passionate about Leadership

Sep 18, 2023

With today’s worried and frenetic world, this life coach, author, and professional motivational speaker will leave you with actionable insights and valuable tools to find confidence and feel armed to effectively handle life’s adversities and challenges.

Tammy RobertsonMeet Tammy Robertson, MA, an unapologetic optimist who believes in grit and gutsiness and that we are all wired for resilience. With over 25 years of experience Tammy works with CPAs from BC to NL, providing resilient leadership and personal development seminars and keynotes at conferences and training days. As a life and leadership coach to leaders both in industry and public practice, Tammy will give you the tools to play your best game, even as the rules and positions change.

Tammy is a co-author of four books: Success Strategies for Women, Awakening the Workplace, Mastering the Art of Success with renowned speakers and authors Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen and Les Brown, and No Winner ever Got There Without a Coach with thought leader David Rock. Tammy is also a Founder of RealTalk, a global community committed to improving communication and relationships one real talk at a time.

Attend our five-part Resilient Leadership Certificate Program, followed by the four-part Advanced Resilient Leadership Certificate Program, and let Tammy inspire you with fresh insights and provide you with practical tools to create a culture of optimism and be more resilient.

Here are what seminar participants have had to say about their learning experience with Tammy:

“Tammy is easily one of the best instructors working with CPA today. Love her style and authenticity. Always enjoy her courses.”

“Tammy was an excellent instructor. Her passion for the material was evident and she made each person feel included in the discussion.”