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Toxic workplace cultures are well-defined and ravaged workers are leaving in pursuit of better places to work. Would you like to make your culture the place everybody wants to join? You do not need to be a formal leader with a fancy title to have a profound impact because change happens one person or moment at a time. Culture is always changing and evolving. Our job is to continually adapt, respond, learn, adjust, and keep going.

Get playful and learn new ideas to invigorate energy and build more humane places to gather.

This program is an integrated set of reflections, and practical, applicable exercises for anyone interested in creating a culture where people can thrive and do their best work. Each course “Starts at Start”, and offers at least 10 useable ideas you can start using today.

In order to qualify for the certificate, participants are required to complete all four modules. See Curriculum for details on each module.

Note: Special Bundle Pricing – register for all four modules and receive a special bundle pricing of $700. Please contact the PD Department at to obtain the bundle pricing

Special Features

  • Four virtual 3.5 hour sessions 
  • Each session can be taken as a stand-alone course, and modules will build on each other. 
  • The Resilient Leadership Certificate is not a pre-requisite to this advanced program.


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TAMMY ROBERTSON, MA, is an unapologetic optimist who believes in grit and gutsiness and that we are all wired for resilience. With over 25 years of experience Tammy works with CPA’s from BC to NL, providing resilient leadership and personal development seminars and keynotes at conferences and training days.


Note: Special Bundle Pricing – register for all four modules and receive a special bundle pricing of $700. Please contact the PD Department at to obtain the bundle pricing.

From Toxic to Terrific: Change Your Team for the Better!

Eligible CPD Hours: 3.5
Program Fee: $195

Are you ready to unleash your team’s full power and potential in an ever-evolving workplace? This session will help you develop a game plan to move teams from isolated to ALL IN. If you have sensed hesitation and holding back from your team and you are ready to get everyone “in the game” … let’s go!

Helping your team move further from apathy, cynicism, negativity, shrugging and putting in time to caring, optimism, ownership, positive energy and resilience is not a waiting game. It is a decision to take action. You will take away 10 useable ideas that you and your team can try out right now.

Dates and Registration for From Toxic to Terrific

Brave Spaces and a Curious Mindset: Amp Up the Learning

Eligible CPD Hours: 3.5
Program Fee: $195

Is it time to think again? Is your team learning and unlearning? Old beliefs and stale thinking can keep teams stuck and unproductive. How do you get people to do something they have never done? How can you support your team to keep stepping up to new challenges, learn fast and continue to perform?

This session is packed with a dozen ideas leaders can apply so people are excited to learn together, share ideas, ask questions, make suggestions, and improve over time. These practices will bolster your courage to speak up and help you generate the trust necessary for your team to do the same.  If everything is a little too quiet, now is the time to amp up the learning and take your team to new levels of free expression, full engagement and real confidence.

Dates and Registration for Brave Spaces and a Curious Mindset

From Success to Significance: Make Work Meaningful 

Eligible CPD Hours: 3.5
Program Fee: $195

How does an accountant make work meaningful? So many ways. If you are beginning to ask this question and are ready to take some concrete actions to bring purpose to life this session will help.

If you want to build a sense of Purpose and real Meaning for your team and attract the best talent to work for you, this session will give you tools to do that.  Employees more than ever want to make their time count and they want to work in organizations that focus on doing good and allow them to act on their values.

In this seminar you will learn a dozen strategies to optimize your group’s environment, language, rituals, and structures to bring more energy and attention to what makes work meaningful and satisfying.

Dates and Registration for From Success to Significance

From Languishing to Flourishing:  How to Get Happy at Work

Eligible CPD Hours: 3.5
Program Fee: $195

You need to have more fun. In a world where languishing became a common way to describe our mood, most teams are ready to amp up energy and start flourishing. This seminar will invite you to consider new ways to bring more lightness, fizz and energy to your worklife.

In this final seminar in the series you will leave inspired about what is possible when you focus on opportunities for real joy in the workplace. What would happen if people finished every day of work thinking, “that was awesome”? It is the uplifting moments we remember because we learned something, felt proud of something, laughed and smiled about something or had a real moment of connection with someone. This session will outline a dozen ways to make those days happen more often.

Dates and Registration for From Languishing to Flourishing