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CPABC Executive Programs

Tammy Towill

Program Facilitator: Tammy Towill, MBA, FCPA, FCMA, Partner, Cordura Group, and Chair, School of Business, Capilano University

Lesley Ann

Program Facilitator: Lesley-Ann Marriott, Certified Executive Coach (CEC), and Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

May 15-16, 22-23, 2024 | Online
November 13-16, 2024 | In-person, Whistler

Advance your leadership skills from technical finance professional to strategic partner

The CFO’s Leadership Program is an intensive and interactive program that blends best practices, case studies, group discussions and role-play, concentrating on areas where CFO’s have told us they feel they need the most help. Gain critical insights into leading practices in management and leadership, and have the opportunity to apply tools and skills to your work context.

As part of the CPABC CFO Program, this program will focus on management soft skills. The CFO’s Operational Skills Program will focus on core technical and operational skills. You can choose to complete only one of these programs but if you complete both components, you will receive the CPABC CFO Program Certificate. They can be completed in any order as they focus on separate and distinct skills.

In-Person Version Registration  Online Version Registration

Unique features included with your registration

  • Comprehensive pre-work surveys include 360 Degree Leadership and Organizational Assessment
  • State of the art self-awareness assessment
  • Confidential one-on-one Executive Coaching session

Eligible CPD Hours: 28
Program Online Fee: $2,350 Early Bird | $2,450 Regular 
Program In-person Fee: $3,350 Early Bird | $3,650 Regular


How to be a Strategist

  • Learn how to shift from the operational phase to the strategic phase to tap into the different perspectives of all stakeholders to influence desired results
  • Learn how to help your team execute better by being a better strategist
  • Explore the gap between corporate strategic goals and the day to day operations in rapidly changing environments
  • Understand how the role of the CFO impacts the development and sustainability of a positive corporate culture
  • Discuss tools and techniques for how to drive change

Communicating and the Art of Persuasion

  • Learn how to convey complex financial results and business performance to drive actionable outcomes through powerful communications
  • Receive feedback on a live presentation that will enhance your specific style
  • Learn the latest techniques for persuasive communications
  • Understand how to frame the organization both internally and externally
  • Explore impacts on communication from core drivers such as globalization, technology, and multi-generational workforces

Leading & Influencing

  • Learn how to develop a more effective leadership style to help lead your organization through globalization and growth
  • Learn how to give & receive effective feedback
  • Explore how to plan for an manage the risks associated with succession
  • Understand and explore when pay for performance is the right tool to drive performance and when it can impede desired results

Best Practices on Creating and Sustaining Resilient Leadership

  • Learn tips about how effective executives manage their personal well-being
  • Explore the best practices for managing daily tasks interactions and relationships
  • Learn how to build ‘executive presence’ to be yourself while inspiring others
  • Learn how to position yourself to have the greatest strategic impact both currently and in the future with the senior leadership team, other key stakeholders in the organization and with the board


  • Learn how to enhance your ability to negotiate and build consensus at the C-level
  • Understand your negotiation style and its impact
  • Explore various approaches to negotiations for success in today’s business environment
  • Review techniques and tools for internal and external negotiations

In-Person Version Registration  Online Version Registration

Tammy Towill

TAMMY TOWILL, MBA, FCPA, FCMA is a partner in the Cordura Group and Chair of the School of Business with Capilano University, providing business advisory services and related education and training programs to organizations and communities seeking growth or change.

For over 25 years, Tammy has worked with private and public sector companies throughout North America and Europe, providing education, training and facilitating in the areas of leadership, strategy, business planning and curriculum development and implementation. She has served on and worked with several boards in Canada and the US. Tammy believes a well-trained, engaged and inspired management and employee team are an invaluable resource in today’s  competitive environment.

Lesley Ann

LESLEY-ANN MARRIOTT, PCC, CEC is a candidate for the MCC, the highest credential for a Professional Coach.

As a former executive, she developed her skills in the competitive world of the big box retail business at the senior leadership table. She has invested thousands of hours coaching senior leaders and teams, many of whom are professional accountants. Described as “edgy and fun”, her sessions are highly interactive and entertaining. Lesley-Ann is Principal at Marriott Management Group, Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University – Executive Coaching Program, Faculty for CPA’s Executive Leadership Program and a Master Facilitator and Trainer for the SDI - Core Strengths course and assessments.