Seven Business Technology Topics That Can Improve Your Efficiency and Effectiveness

May 17, 2023
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Advanced topics in Excel

You’re an intermediate and experienced Excel user, but you’re looking for opportunities to further elevate your skills. Consider attending Advanced Excel, Advanced Excel Data Magic – Managing, Analyzing, and Reporting, Excel 365: Advanced Data Analysis, or Advanced Excel: Hidden Secrets and Gems.

The power of Power BI, Power Pivot, and Power Query

Business intelligence is one of the most sought after skills today used to stay in the game and gain competitive advantage. But many business professionals who are responsible for building business intelligence reports may only be self-taught in the powerful tools used. Make sure you’re not missing out on knowledge that will enable you to produce better analysis and reports in less time by attending An End to Manual Effort in Excel: The Power Query Effect, Business Intelligence, Featuring Microsoft's Power BI Tools, Getting Started with Excel Power Pivot, Rapid Dashboard Development with Power BI Desktop, or Power BI - Use PBI Desktop to Create Reports and Dashboards. Or check out these archived webinars on Power BI Fundamentals and Advanced Power BI.

Artificial intelligence in accounting

The debate on potential AI benefits versus detriments is a particularly hot topic these days, but there are definitely some practical uses for these technologies that can help your team work more efficiently and effectively. Explore how AI features is used in the accounting and financial world by attending Artificial Intelligence for Accounting and Finance Professionals, ChatGPT and Generative Artificial Intelligence for Accountants, or listening to the archived webinar Artificial Intelligence.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies for CPAs

All transformative technologies have the potential to improve the way our organizations operate. Learn about the practical applications of Blockchain at Foundations of Blockchain, Blockchain Essentials for CPAs, and Emerging Technologies for Accountants, including Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies, or listen to the archived webinar on Introduction to Cryptocurrency.

Financial analysis for better decision-making

Learn how to improve your skills to create financial models that analyze, forecast, and make better decisions for your organization. Consider attending Excel Financial Models and Analysis, Excel 1: Core Data Analysis, Excel 365: Advanced Data Analysis, Scenario & Sensitivity Analysis in Excel (Archived Webinar), Financial Modeling Using Excel (Archived Webinar), or Power BI - Prepare Your Data Efficiently for Excel Analysis.

Creating effective visuals for financial presentations

Too many financial presentations rely on huge spreadsheets or paragraphs of text copied onto slides. Explore more efficient ways of creating financial presentations that are clear and effective, and that will lead your audience into taking the actions you want by attending Hands-on Techniques to Create Effective Financial Visuals in Excel and PowerPoint. Or if you find yourself with the need to present to a non-financial audience, then consider Excel - Using Charts for a Non-Financial Audience. If you are an analyst who wants to focus on PowerPoint presentations in the form of pitchbooks, the archived webinar PowerPoint & Pitchbooks may be of benefit.

Get up to date on business transformation issues that impact personal efficiencies and organizational effectiveness

Explore various developments in data analytics, automation, and other business transformation areas to ensure you are making the best use of tools for yourself and your organization. Check out archived webinars on Automation Survival Guide, How Tech Impacts Accounting, or attend the live webinars Data Analytics and the Future of Finance, Data Analytics for Accountants and Auditors, and Technology for CPAs - Don't Get Left Behind.