Save on Quality Learning Through PD Passports

Sep 9, 2021

If you are looking for the best savings on quality learning opportunities, consider purchasing a PD Passport by the early bird deadline of September 24, 2021. Select from our Flexi PassportPersonal Passport, or Mini Passport.

As we head into a recovery and rebuilding phase, the need for prudent budgeting remains pronounced. But continuous professional development should not be compromised for accounting and business professionals charged with major roles in the rebuilding of our economy. CPAs should always uphold the integrity of the profession by being up to date on standards, and leading the pack in operational and people management, as well as other work efficiencies.

The PD Passports are designed to help you achieve these at the greatest level of savings.

Special 10% discount continues for the 2021-22 PD Passports

Recognizing the continued challenges many individuals and industries face during this period of recovery, PD Passports continue to be specially discounted by 10% this year. This discount stacks on top of the early bird discount, so be sure to purchase your PD Passport by September 24, 2021 to maximize your savings.

Don’t forget The Mini PD Passport option!

A miniature version of the Personal PD Passport, the Mini PD Passport is a great option for members who are planning on taking a smaller number of seminars this year.