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Dec 3, 2020

In addition to archived recordings from live CPABC PD seminars and webinars, we have established partnerships with other learning providers such as K2E, Corporate Finance Institute, ProDio, LumiQ, Business Learning Institute, CPA Crossings, and Executive Finance, to further enriched our inventory of quality online on-demand courses tailored to accounting and finance professionals.

PD Video On-Demand

CPABC has video recorded live, in-person offerings and made these seminars available as on-demand videos online, along with the corresponding course materials. Note that this is purely a self-study product, and there will be no access to facilitators for questions and answers. Dates published with the on-demand titles reflect when the videos were recorded – information presented was up-do-date at the time of recording. Each title qualifies for verifiable CPD hours upon successful completion of a quiz at the end of the seminar.

PD AudioWeb On-Demand

PD AudioWeb seminars are direct audio recordings from live PD seminars; corresponding PowerPoint visuals and instructor materials are available as MP4 and PDF files respectively. PD AudioWeb seminars are eligible for verifiable CPD hours (hours are indicated in brackets) – in order to claim these hours as verifiable, you will be required to successfully complete a short quiz, also accessible via the website. Upon successful completion of the quiz, you will be able to print a certificate of completion.

Corporate Finance Institute

Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) courses are designed for finance professionals and industry practitioners who want to master the art of corporate finance. The courses move through three levels of mastery for anyone looking to be an expert in financial modeling, valuation, and financial analysis. Participants typically include professionals in entry to mid-level positions in financial planning and analysis (FP&A), corporate development, treasury, investor relations, and capital markets. Archived webinars are available to CPABC members at a special price and are also PD Passport valid.

CFI Offerings

CPA Crossings

CPA Crossings

CPA Crossings is a global leader in online professional education for CPAs and other financial professionals. Established in 2001, CPA Crossings offers scheduled webinars on a range of topics including ethics, fraud, business, personal development, technology, and other fields of study. All of these courses are developed and presented by a team of 60 instructors, recognized as experts in their respective fields of study.

CPA Crossings Offerings

Business Learning Institute

Business Learning Institute

Business Learning Institute (BLI) is a center facilitating the development and sharing of competencies and strategic knowledge required for leadership in today’s rapidly-changing business environment. While BLI is equipped to serve all business sectors, it was originally founded to meet the needs of accounting and finance professionals. BLI provides the training and skills needed to help you advance professionally and innovate thoughtfully. BLI offers both synchronous (live) and asynchronous (on-demand) seminars on a wide range of topics, with a focus on leadership, technology, communication, and personal and career development.

BLI Offerings

Executive Finance

Executive Finance

Executive Finance is a hands-on, experiential-based thought leadership lab for financial professionals.  Executive Finance curates the best ideas they can find, then tests these ideas with companies to develop tools, methodologies, and executive development courses.  Their partners work in finance as executives, corporate directors, educators, speakers, and authors – many times simultaneously, which makes for rich content and stories. In general, Executive Finance’s online courses focus on developing financial professionals to become financial executives; they also offer courses for newer financial professionals in areas such as ethics, financial analysis, and corporate finance.

Executive Finance Offerings


K2E Canada

CPABC in partnership with K2E Canada Inc are pleased to present technology-focused webinars to our members. Participants who take these webinars will have the opportunity to learn from an award-winning team of instructors with literally hundreds of years of experience in helping professionals identify, address, and solve issues through the practical application of technology. Webinars address a variety of topics, including Excel, QuickBooks, PDFs, accounting solutions, and Microsoft Office and are available both as live presentations and in an on demand format.

K2E Offerings



LumiQ is a podcast company where engaging conversations with business leaders also count as verifiable CPD. We go out and find business, accounting and finance leaders to interview about their expertise and experiences, and you get verifiable CPD for learning from the world’s top minds. Some days, you’ll find yourself immersed in the world of start-ups, or captivated with the story of how Bernie Madoff pulled off the largest fraud in human history. Maybe you’ll want to learn about how the music industry’s business model has changed over time? Whatever you’re interested in and will feed your natural curiosity of how businesses work, you’ll find on the LumiQ podcast.

lumiQ Offerings


ProDio Audio Learning

CPABC is pleased to continue to partner with ProDio Audio Learning Inc. (ProDio), which creates audio-only verifiable PD courses delivered via mobile application; a convenient and flexible way to complete your PD courses “on the go” via your smartphone or tablet, or listening via the web desktop version. ProDio offers high quality, audio-only courses that are engaging and concise, testing your learning along the way. Course content includes expert interviews, stories, case studies, and media clips. Create your own unique learning experience in an audio-only environment that gives you freedom from your screen while you listen and learn –  anytime, anywhere.

ProDio Offerings