Looking to Discuss Issues Facing Local Governments?

Oct 27, 2021
Don’t miss the upcoming Local Government Accounting & Auditing Workshop presented in conjunction with the Government Finance Officers Association of BC (GFOABC). Taking place on November 18 & 19, 2021, this year’s workshop will once again provide a forum for practitioners and auditors to discuss the accounting, auditing, reporting and financing issues facing local governments.

Over two information-packed days, listen as learn as various speakers share their knowledge on topics such as PSAB Update, Conceptual Framework & Reporting Model, Accounting for Natural Assets, GFOA International – Canadian Financial Reporting Awards, Asset Retirement Obligations, City of Vancouver Internal Audit, Privacy & Security in the Time of Public Cloud, Employee Benefits – Proposed Section 3251, Medley of Accounting & Auditing Issues, and Ethics in Local Government.

If you are a practitioner or auditor looking for an opportunity to get up-to-date on accounting and auditing practices, and discuss issues facing local governments, then this is a not-to-be-missed workshop. Learn more about it today.