Level Up With CPA PRO This Fall

Sep 19, 2023

CPA Pro Logo

Courses that carry this wordmark are designed specifically for CPAs by the CPA profession and are designed to help you adapt to industry changes and advance your career with the latest industry content delivered in a way that works for you.

In terms of subject matter, CPA PRO courses cover a wide variety of business and leadership topics and provide annual updates related to standards, legislation, and regulation. They also cover regulatory content and are designed to ensure members get vital updates with the right amount of depth.

So if you need to stay informed about new rules, regulations, and best practices, remember to look for the CPA PRO courses currently offered in CPABC’s fall/winter PD program, including the ones below.

ASNFPO - Update 2023
ASPE – Real Estate Industry
ASPE – Update 2023
Audits – Risk Related to Fraud (CAS 240)
Audits - Update 2023
Compilations - Specific Topics
Contemporary Ethics for CPAs
Corporate Restructuring - Fundamentals
Corporate Tax - Purchase and Sale of a Business
Corporate Tax - RDTOH, CDA and Other Tax Accounts
GST/HST - Fundamentals
GST/HST - Real Property
IFRS – Essentials
IFRS – Review of the Standards
IFRS - Update 2023
Income Tax - Advanced Planning Strategies
Income Tax - Update 2023
Indirect Tax - Update 2023
PSAS – Review of the Standards
Quality Management - Application for Assurance Providers
Quality Management - Overview for Non-Assurance Providers
Quality Management - Workshop for Non-Assurance Providers
RIP - Estate Planning
Taxation of Domestic Trusts - Fundamentals

Please note that these are only some of the CPA Pro courses offered in our program. Be sure to watch for the wordmark while browsing through the course descriptions.