Don’t Leave Savings on the Table

Apr 4, 2022
Don’t Leave Savings on the Table

Our Spring-Summer 2022 program will be your last chance to use up the remaining credits from the 2021-22 passport year. Browse our newly published catalogue or simply use the Search PD Offerings filters on our main page. The 2022-23 PD Passports will go on sale in July.

Sizeable and diverse inventory

Make sure you browse through our available offerings – live webinars, in-person seminars, and on-demand learning – and make full use of your PD Passport by registering as soon as possible.

We continue to provide PD offerings that satisfy the needs a diverse membership. Here are your subject breakdowns for Spring/Summer 2022: Accounting & Assurance, Ethics, Finance & Economics, People Management & Personal Development, Strategy, Governance, Risk & Human Resource, Taxation, Technology & Innovation, and Wealth Management.

What skills do CPAs need in 2022?

One thing that’s been clear since the start of the pandemic is the importance of being agile and adaptable to change. Based on the past two years, we all know it’s impossible to predict how things will evolve. But we can still do our best to develop the skills we need to prepare ourselves for whatever may come our way professionally and personally.

Read the full article by Vivian Tse, communications manager at CPABC, or listen to the Coffee Chats podcast episode with CPABC’s director of professional development, Nicola McLaren, CPA, CA; and manager of employer relations, St√©phanie Roy.

PD Nexus Days

As always, our PD Nexus Days offer a great way for members to gain new knowledge and skills by attending multiple short sessions throughout the conference-styled day. Don’t miss these two value-packed Nexus Days coming in July – PD Nexus: Business & Leadership Insights; and PD Nexus: Information Technology Insights 2022.