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Dec 21, 2021

ASPE – Revenue Recognition (3400)

Revisions to ASPE 3400 have been adopted effective for fiscal years beginning January 1, 2021. These changes address issues identified by preparers of ASPE financial statements, practitioners and other stakeholders and other challenges in the accounting for revenue. This course offers a comprehensive review of the principles of revenue recognition under ASPE with illustrations and examples on common revenue arrangements including sale of goods vs. service in a variety of industries.

Quality Management - Application of CSQM 1 and 2 for Providers of Assurance Services (New Standards)

The Canadian Standards for Quality Control (CSQC1) have been replaced by the Canadian Standard for Quality Management (CSQM1 and CSQM2) and related amendments to relevant assurance standards. This session will provide participants with a brief overview of the new requirement along with examples of common quality control objectives, risks and responses for small to mid-size firms and the opportunity to tailor these to their firm’s specific circumstances.

The Leadership Certificate for Women

Are you wanting to move forward in your career, and feel like there are some new or improved skills that would help you advance? Research shows that women are underrepresented in senior leadership roles in Canada. This cohort-based program is designed for female CPAs in early-to-mid-career, and will provide training on a variety of topics applicable to women’s leadership skills, as well as opportunities to network and build relationships. Come join your peers to learn, enhance your career, and grow as a leader. This program is open to anyone interested in supporting women’s leadership development. In the meantime, here are resources on “Women in the Profession”.