An Introduction to ESG Reporting

Apr 17, 2024

An Introduction to ESG Reporting Series

CPAs who become competent and conversant in this new reporting language now will be ahead of the curve and up to date with the latest reporting regulations and industry best practices. This series will draw on local and other best-in-class examples of excellence in ESG reporting and allow you to discover their journeys to get there.

This upcoming four-part series aims to demystify ESG reporting as well as provide an update on recent regulatory developments related to ESG reporting.

Session 1: Introduction to ESG Reporting
Session 2: Environmental Factors
Session 3: Social Factors
Session 4: Governance Factors

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Session 1 of the series, Introduction to ESG Reporting, is also available as a standalone seminar. Click here for other upcoming PD seminars that touch on the topic of ESG.