5 Top Takeaways From This December’s Business & Innovation Insights

Nov 17, 2021
Your opening plenary, “Into the Unknown: Technological Change and the Post-Pandemic World Economy”, and the closing session “Innovating to Thrive” will catch you up to date on key technologies that are changing the way societies and economies function, as well as provide you a view of the future – the impact these exponential technologies will have on business. The panel of experts at the end of the day will discuss insights from global experience on how to create conditions to thrive and leapfrog the competition.

If you want to continue learning more about innovation through business technologies, consider these breakout sessions: “Humanizing Tech: The New Way for Accountants to Add Value” and “Demystifying AI for CPAs”, to learn how accountants can leverage technology to create more value for stakeholders and customers, and how AI and machine learning and impacting the accounting profession.

Those interested in learning more about innovative leadership and/or creating a culture of diversity and inclusion in the organization, may want to consider attention the breakout sessions: “Adaptive Leadership: A Practice of Collaboration and Hope”, “Do Innovative Companies Have a Secret? How Anyone Can Be Innovative with Human-Centred Design”, “Developing Your Strategic Leadership Role in Benefits Realization”, “Starting a Dialogue Around Unconscious Bias” or “Navigating the Legal Requirements of Ethical Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace”.

If you wish to explore Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) issues, and what practical first steps CPAs in industry can take, you may want to attend the breakout session “ESG: Fireside Chat Moderated Panel”. Be sure to bring your questions!

Take advantage of our Nexus Exchange – a 20-minute opportunity to explore what’s happening in the profession and speak with representatives from CPABC.  Bring your questions or just enjoy the opportunity to network virtually with CPABC staff and other attendees.

Read more about the upcoming PD Nexus: Business & Innovation insights taking place live virtually on December 7, 8:30am-4:30pm. Or register now to secure your spot!