10 New Seminars to Look For This June and July

Apr 12, 2024

These new titles, taking place in June and July, have just been introduced into our lineup of seminars - have you checked them out?

Accountant’s Guide to Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

While more popular than ever, few business professionals understand these technologies and their capabilities, risks, and potential impacts on business operations and processes. This course will provide an in-depth look at this technology, including a detailed overview of the underlying technology, the benefits, the risks, the major players, and many practical applications.

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Jun 27 | 9am-12:30pm | Live Webinar

Accountants, Meet Chatbot: Your Beginner's Guide to Getting the AI ChatGPT Conversation Started

This course highlights the game-changing potential of ChatGPT in the realm of AI-driven conversations and its specific benefits for accountants in their analytical and advisory roles. It demonstrates how this AI tool can be seamlessly integrated into various platforms, making it a versatile and valuable addition to accountants' professional toolkits.

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Jul 11 | 9am-11am | Live Webinar

Authentic Communication

Unfortunately, human nature is typically to avoid “speaking one’s truth” when it has the potential to spark open conflict. This workshop focuses on how to express oneself in an authentic way, while maintaining psychological safety for both parties, with a view to building trusting relationships.

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Jul 30 | 9am-12:30pm | Live Webinar

Better Productivity Through AI and Automation Tools

Discover practical applications of today’s AI and automation tools. Moving beyond fundamental discussions, learn how to use AI and automation to streamline workflows, improve internal control, maximize productivity, and even improve team member morale. As well, explore some potential pitfalls associated with these technologies.

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Jul 9 | 9am-12:30pm | Live Webinar

Canada's Innovative New Legislation for Mid-Sized Business Successions

This seminar will cover how Employee Ownership Trusts (EOT) are structured, how the sale transaction works, and what requirements must be met in order to qualify. Any CPA who advises or works for mid-size private companies in Canada should get familiar with this new law now.

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Jun 18 | 9am-10:30am | Live Webinar

Ethics and the Changing Role of Corporations in Society

With the spotlight now on topics such as sustainability, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, and corporate social responsibility, organizations are being forced to respond and operate differently now than they used to. This course will provide CPAs with an overview of the changing role and expectations of corporate entities in society.

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Jun 10 | 8:30am-12:30pm | Live Webinar

Excellence: When Perfect is Not Good Enough

Perfectionistic people have unrealistically high expectations for their performance in certain areas but take little joy in their accomplishments. This course teaches participants how to embrace excellence as a healthier, more productive approach.

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Jul 12 | 8:30am-12pm | Live Webinar

Exploring Our Unconscious Biases at Work

Our unconscious biases prevent us from understanding the world around us from other perspectives. This workshop explores the challenges of working with people of diverse backgrounds. It empowers participants to maneuver complex situations confidently while allowing everyone to bring their full self to work.

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Jul 25-26 | 8:30am-12:30pm | Live Webinar

Foster a Growth Mindset

Why are Accenture, Microsoft, GAP, Adobe, Deloitte, NASA, and Sears all fostering a growth mindset? Because now their employees worry less about looking smart. Instead they embrace challenge, persist in the face of setbacks, are motivated by mastery, and understand that getting better is fun. Greatly improve your interaction with team members, peers, and your boss using the knowledge and techniques from this course.

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Jul 17 | 8:30am-12pm | Live Webinar

The Ethical Collapse of FTX – Thinking Beyond the Obvious

This course is uniquely designed for current as well as future leaders across different professions. It goes well beyond the theoretical basis and dives deeper into stakeholders and their role in this unprecedented yet interesting FTX saga. Gain an enhanced understanding of how ethical considerations come into play at different levels of an organization and its stakeholders.

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Jul 9 | 8:30am-12:30pm | Live Webinar