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CPD Hours:19
Program Fee: $970


For the foreseeable future, delivering virtual presentations to internal and external audiences will be a critical professional skill. Many high-stakes virtual presentations that are currently delivered fall short of the necessary purpose, engagement, and professionalism needed to be effective. It is not enough to take a prepared live presentation and do the same thing in a virtual setting. Current research shows that this will result in a lack of clarity and engagement with your message. Designing and delivering virtual presentations requires specific knowledge and skills to achieve the presentation's purpose.

Demonstrate to your organization, clients, potential employers and other key stakeholders that you can design and deliver an engaging and effective professional virtual presentation.

In order to qualify for the certificate, participants are required to complete all six modules, including the delivery of a live virtual presentation that will be evaluated and must meet the requirements provided in the course, in addition to the 6 hours of pre-work and 1 hour of coaching.

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Special Features

  • Six weekly 2-hour virtual sessions
  • Modules 1 through 5 will be recorded and made available on-demand for a limited time
  • 6 hours of self-study assignment work
  • 1 hour of one-on-one coaching
  • Evaluation of your delivery of a live virtual presentation


Facilitator Heading

GARTH SHERIFF, CPA, CA, CIA, is the founder of Sheriff Consulting, specializing in delivering professional and leadership skills webinars and online courses. Sheriff Consulting's mission is to create a learning environment that is both engaging and impactful to your professional development. Garth has also received training and worked as a professional actor. He is a member of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists and a graduate in improv from The Second City.

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Module 1 - Virtual presentation basics

Virtual presentations are much different than live presentations in both design and delivery. In this module, you will:

  • identify key differences between live presentations and virtual presentations
  • explain the elements of a successful virtual presentation
  • categorize the different types of virtual presentations

Module 2 - Technical requirements for virtual presentations

To avoid many of the virtual presentations "what can go wrongs," it is essential that the presenter ensure critical technical requirements in place. In this module, you will:

  • identify the critical technical requirements for a successful virtual presentation
  • demonstrate optimal camera, audio and lighting setup
  • develop a pre-check technical requirements list before delivering a virtual presentation

Module 3 - Instructional design for virtual presentations - Part 1

Instructional design is crucial for a successful virtual presentation. Instructional design involves tailoring your presentation for the mode of delivery (virtual), audience and the key message(s) you want to deliver. Instructional design will be explored in two modules – Part 1 and 2. In this module, you will:

  • define instructional design
  • illustrate why instructional design is critical to a successful virtual presentation
  • define VARK (visual, auditory, reading, kinesthetic) and its importance to virtual presentations

Module 4 - Instructional design for virtual presentations - Part 2

In this module, you will:

  • choose an instructional design strategy
  • demonstrate an instructional design strategy
  • develop an instructional design strategy

Module 5 - Virtual presentation delivery skills - Part 1

Virtual presentation skills are different than for a live presentation. For a virtual presentation, voice and eye contact are more critical. These skills will be explored in two modules – Part 1 and 2. In this module, you will:

  • identify key virtual presentation delivery skills
  • define camera presence
  • illustrate camera presence for maximum audience engagement

Module 6 - Virtual presentation delivery skills - Part 2 (must attend live session)

In this module, you will:

  • explain how to use your voice effectively for a virtual presentation
  • demonstrate a virtual presentation applying the key learning objectives in the program