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CPABC Executive Programs

2023 Dates:

March 7-9 & 21-23, 2023

CPD Hours: 23
Program Fee:
$2,000 (Online Version - Special discounted pricing)


The Optimal Negotiator Program is a stand-alone program for professionals of any level who are seeking to obtain greater comfort and confidence in their resolve to get others to agree with them, or who aspire to master the art of negotiation.

Benefit from a highly interactive learning experience and confront questions about negotiating you’ve never thought about before.

This practical program was designed specifically for those who are dead serious about wanting to rise above mere competence. Although many understand the process intellectually, precious few are entirely comfortable in their ability to “optimize” deals.

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The Framework for Win-Win Outcomes

  • Dissecting the Negotiating Jig-Saw Puzzle
  • How to make losers feel like winners
  • How to disguise and discover information

Tactic Recognition and Response

  • Gradient stress: Getting others to agree
  • Classic tactics, ploys and good counters
  • Using Win/Lose tactics in a Win/Win way

Cross-cultural Differences in Negotiating

  • Dissecting gender and ethnic styles
  • Building strategic profiles for advantage
  • Personality types & prototypical styles

The Process Simplified and Illustrated

  • How to organize for optimal results
  • Achieving instant alignment by design
  • Overcoming resistance: Closing with magic

Critically Important Principles of Timing

  • Dealing with 11th hour & deadlines
  • Handling imposed time pressures
  • When (and how) to convincingly say “no”

Power: Accumulating and Sustaining Leverage

  • Fallacies, presence and influence
  • How to diagnose the power of others
  • When to increase and decrease your power

Using Human Behaviour to Advantage

  • Negative and positive interaction cycles
  • Functions of conflict & achieving self-control
  • Engineering defensive & supportive climates

Becoming an Inventive Negotiator

  • How to change the shape of any deal
  • Dealing with salary negotiation phobias
  • How to make seemingly impossible deals

Essential (and Powerful) Communication Skills

  • Phrasing to induce the desired perceptions
  • Deciphering the language of deception
  • Understanding and using non-verbal cues

Working and Negotiating in Teams

  • Planning and working as a team: A practicum
  • Analysis of individual and team performance

Optimal Negotiator: The Fundamentals

  • The things you should never do
  • Attributes that define an optimal negotiator
  • Achieving mastery – where to from here?

Online Version Registration

DR. JIM MURRAY is CEO of optimal solutions international, a firm dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential. Jim has taught courses for CPABC since 1982.

He is the architect of several advanced residential programs for five provincial CPA bodies, has published four best-selling books, and provided his strategic counsel to well over 600 organizations. He has been nationally honoured by the university community and formally recognized for “excellence in the design and delivery of life-long learning”. His full bio is on