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Arguably the one skill every accounting professional must master is the ability to get others to agree with him or her. In any undertaking of significance, knowing how to get adversaries to accept your point of view while seeing themselves as winners is crucial to your success and the prosperity of your organization. Nor can you ever expect to ascend the corporate ladder without a solid understanding of fundamental negotiating principles and nuances as well as the ability to emulate those who consistently know how to structure mutually beneficial agreements.

Negotiating is the generic life skill. It’s a delicate mix of art and science, of style and substance.

It prizes intuition as highly as intellect, common sense as much as achieving the hard numbers. It requires emotional detachment, an understanding of the critical importance of process and a high aspiration level. Many understand the “how to” of deal making intellectually but few are entirely comfortable in their ability to consistently optimize the outcomes. It’s a game of power, real as well as imagined. While some play the game masterfully, others only dimly understand it.

This comprehensive and interactive program is the creation of Dr. Jim Murray who has been teaching this time-honoured craft for CPABC for more than 40 years, has authored three best-selling books on the topic, and been nationally recognized by the Canadian university community for “excellence in the design and delivery of lifelong learning.” Tens of thousands from all walks of life have benefitted from his street-savvy insights, acclaimed expertise and personal experiences in virtually every conceivable negotiating arena.

You can choose to attend single seminars only, but by completing all seven, you will receive the Negotiating Mastery Certificate.

Who Should Attend

The program is designed for both beginner and advanced deal makers who are seeking to take their game to the next level. It’s also purposefully built to accommodate those who seek flexibility in their choice of topics. The target audience for this program are those who are serious about developing their skills beyond mere competence. You’ll confront questions about the process you’ve never thought about before. Yet they’re the ones that every accomplished negotiator knows how to answer. If you aspire to negotiating mastery, this certificate program was designed with YOU in mind.

Why You Should Complete The Program

  • Enter into any negotiation with greater comfort, confidence and competence
  • Remain focused on achieving your objectives regardless of the pressures or challenges
  • Project a powerful, credible and controlled presence at the bargaining table
  • Engage others in co-operative problem solving aimed at mutual profit improvement
  • Not become the unwitting victim of the tactics and emotional ploys used by others
  • Utilize savvy advice to enhance your communications in cross-cultural encounters
  • Change attitudes, improve relationships and influence the decisions that will ultimately determine your professional advancement and career accomplishments
  • Embrace negotiating as critical life skill in achieving greater success, happiness and prosperity

Note: Special Bundle Pricing - register for all seven seminars and receive a special discount of $195 applied towards the final course. You do not have to register for all the seminars at the same time. Please contact the PD Department at to obtain the bundle pricing.


Each session consists of a three-hour webinar supplemented by pre-course work (relevant readings, tasks and simulation or case materials). You can choose to attend only those seminars that are of interest or complete all seven course to obtain the Negotiating Mastery Certificate. The courses are listed below in their recommended, but not required order of completion.

The Framework for Negotiating Mastery

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $270

This is the foundation course for the certificate program.

Dates and Registration for The Framework for Negotiating Mastery

The Negotiating Process Simplified

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $270

This session explains the structure, stages, ingredients and critical rituals of negotiating.

Dates and Registration for The Negotiating Process Simplified

Tactic Recognition and Response

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $270

This session explains how to create competitive advantage through tactical knowledge.

Dates and Registration for Tactic Recognition and Response

Essential Communication Skills

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $270

A master negotiator is a good communicator – this session explains how you can become one at the bargaining table.

Dates and Registration for Essential Communication Skills

Power, Creativity and Timing

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $270

Some regard these three elements as the most important in the master negotiator’s arsenal of skills.

Dates and Registration for Power, Creativity and Timing

Human Behaviour and Cultural Differences

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $270

It’s people who negotiate – this session explains the predictability of human nature at the bargaining table and the skill of applying psychological influence for advantage.

Dates and Registration for Human Behaviour and Cultural Differences

Team Bargaining and Mediation

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $270

This session explains how the principles of negotiation previously examined apply to team bargaining and high-performance mediation – how to use your acquired skills in getting what you want to helping others get what they want.

Dates and Registration for Team Bargaining and Mediation

DR. JIM MURRAY is CEO of optimal solutions international, a firm dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential. Jim has taught courses for CPABC since 1982.

He is the architect of several advanced residential programs for five provincial CPA bodies, has published four best-selling books, and provided his strategic counsel to well over 600 organizations. He has been nationally honoured by the university community and formally recognized for “excellence in the design and delivery of life-long learning”. His full bio is on