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Organizations live or die on the quality of their managers and this has never been more so than during today’s seismic shift in the employer/employee relationship. Gallup has conducted more than three million studies on organizational performance over the past 30 years and among its conclusions are that only one in 10 qualifies as a “high-performance manager.” Gallup further affirms that over 70% of the variance in all aspects of employee performance is determined solely by the manager.

While every enterprise aspires to consistently achieve superior outcomes and sustainable competitive advantage, over 80% fail to achieve that level of accomplishment.

Because in a volatile, unpredictable and increasingly complicated world, it’s tougher than ever to stay at the top of your industry. The benchmarks of high performance include robust customer acquisition and retention, significant revenue growth and profitability, low turnover, and an adaptive, resilient culture. High-performance organizations are both smart and healthy and are populated by a diverse, engaged workforce. They can identify, nurture and keep their high-potentials, eliminate the slackers, and know exactly when and how to embrace innovative business-as-unusual tactics and change direction.

Who Should Attend

This certificate program is designed primarily for middle managers seeking to take their game to the next level or for those who aspire to ascend to this level of competence. It may also be of interest to business owners or leaders concerned about organizational performance in the post-pandemic era and the changing role of the manager. It is purposefully built to accommodate those who seek flexibility in their choice of topics. 

You can choose to attend single seminars only, but by completing all seven, you will receive the Managing for High Performance Certificate. 

Note: Special Bundle Pricing - register for all seven seminars and receive a special discount of $195 applied towards the final course. You do not have to register for all the seminars at the same time. Please contact the PD Department at to obtain the bundle pricing.


With the exception of Building High Performance Teams which consists of three 2.5 hour segments, each webinar is 3 hours long, and all are supplemented by pre-course work of relevant readings, diagnostics and tasks. You may cherry pick only those seminars that are of interest or complete all seven courses to obtain the Managing for High Performance Certificate Program.

Special Bundle Pricing - register for all seven courses and receive a special discount of $195 applied towards the final course. You do not have to register for all the seminars at the same time. Please contact the PD Department at to obtain the bundle pricing.

Building High Performance Teams

Eligible CPD Hours: 9
Program Fee:

Companies live or die on the quality of their managers. As the stewards of culture, they are the lifeblood of organizations. But much of what they do too often makes it difficult for people to get their work done or even want to stay. Gallup, venerated for decades of credible research on team performance, tells us only one in ten can be a high-performance manager. And metadata says the practice of motivating higher productivity, greater efficiency and accountability hasn’t budged in over 30 years. More than ever before, particularly in the post-COVID era, managers are overwhelmed, confused and under-skilled. And this creates significant risk to performance management, employee well-being and brand reputation.

Dates and Registration for Building High Performance Teams

Correcting Employee Problem Behaviour

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $255

Most managers dislike and are therefore uncomfortable, unwilling or incapable of dealing with workplace conflict. So, they tend to overlook minor annoyances and frustrations in the hope that unacceptable behaviours will somehow change on their own. But that never happens – they invariably become chronic, then invasively spread as others see them unaddressed. “Why should I bother if they can get away with it?” is the typical response. Knowing how to initiate timely, constructive conversations, offer candid and beneficial feedback, confront sub-par performance issues and adroitly handle disagreements and pushback is the primary focus of this webinar.

Dates and Registration for Correcting Employee Problem Behaviour

Hire the Best, Keep Them and Fire the Worst

Eligible CPD Hours: 5.5
Program Fee: $255

The objective of every smart leader is to surround themselves with a team of bright and committed people. To achieve and then scale sustainable competitive advantage, you need to hire (and keep) those with the potential to grow. That’s always been the indisputable imperative of every successful organization. Talent fuels the mission and makes the vision achievable. Without star performers, you’re destined to perish. Though the principles apply, the course does not focus on junior staff nor C-suite personnel. Rather, it deals with everyone in between – knowledge workers and managers.

Dates and Registration for Hire the Best, Keep Them and Fire the Worst

Managing a Multi-generational Workforce

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $255

How employees approach their work is greatly influenced by when they grew up. Almost 60% of managers today experience conflicts between older and younger workers on a frequent basis. Unintentionally, they’re often the cause of it. So, more than ever, they need to managing understand how these generational differences affect workplace productivity, efficiency, accountability and the ability to embrace change. Those socialized in different economic, political and cultural realities acquired opposing beliefs, values and preferences. And these affect their behaviours in the workplace. Job #1 for every manager is knowing how to integrate them into a cohesive and engaged high-performance team.

Dates and Registration for Managing a Multi-generational Workforce

Managing a Multicultural Workforce

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $255

Three things drive our workplace behaviour – who we are, when we were born and where. This informative and fascinating webinar focuses on the latter – ethnicity. As a manager in a culturally-diverse workforce, you need to know how ethnic differences affect the way in which your direct reports follow your instructions, assess your competence, function as a team, make decisions, handle disagreements, deal with time pressures, receive feedback, respond to issues of trust, and disagree with each other.

Dates and Registration for Managing a Multicultural Workforce

Understanding the Human Condition

Eligible CPD Hours: 5
Program Fee: $255

Everything we do in life is a consequence of how the brain works. It determines our success or failure, personally as well as professionally. It’s what makes us human. But our hard-working neurons aren’t always functioning to our advantage. Because the brain has a mind of its own – one that’s beyond our command. It protects us, deceives us and glorifies us. It provides us with unrealistic optimism, moral excuse-making, wishful thinking, excitement, anxiety and depression. All of which distorts reality, saves us from the ego-destroying effects of our mistakes and prevents us from seeing the truth about the world and those around us. It can make us smart, logical and open-minded but also vain, immoral, unscrupulous, unreliable and bigoted. Liberating the former and restraining the latter requires an understanding of what constitutes “the human condition.”

Dates and Registration for Understanding the Human Condition

Why Successful Companies Fail: Forewarned is Forearmed

Eligible CPD Hours: 4.5
Program Fee: $255

The data is clear: businesses are disappearing faster than ever. Do they fail because of stubbornness or incompetence or something else? Business success contains the seeds of its extinction. Adherence to the formula that brought market dominance in the past almost guarantees failure in an increasingly volatile, uncertain and complex world. Relying on tried-and-true practices and old modes of thinking won’t get you out of the downward spiral, it only accelerates it.

Dates and Registration for Why Successful Companies Fail: Forewarned is Forearmed

DR. JIM MURRAY is CEO of optimal solutions international, a firm dedicated to helping people achieve their full potential. Jim has taught courses for CPABC since 1982.

He is the architect of several advanced residential programs for five provincial CPA bodies, has published four best-selling books, and provided his strategic counsel to well over 600 organizations. He has been nationally honoured by the university community and formally recognized for “excellence in the design and delivery of life-long learning”. His full bio is on