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CPABC Executive Programs

CPD Hours: 20
Program Fee: $1,050


CPABC is pleased to present the CPA Firm Manager Leadership Skills Certificate Program. The program has been designed specifically for new managers working in a CPA firm.

Gain communication and productivity skills that are key to being a manager.

This eight-module leadership skills certificate program focuses on refining the necessary skills to lead your team effectively to success. The competencies that this certificate program focuses on are: 

  • Communicating with staff and partners 
  • Managing self
  • Collaborating and leading 
  • Solving problems 
  • Acting ethically and demonstrating professional values

In order to qualify for the certificate, participants are required to complete all eight modules, including participant requirements and interactive activities, as well as the 4 hours of self-study assignments.

CPA Firm Manager Leadership Skills Video and Image link

Special Features

  • Eight weekly 2-hour virtual sessions
  • Modules will be recorded and made available on-demand for a limited time
  • 4 hours of self-study assignments


Facilitator Heading

GARTH SHERIFF, CPA, CA, CIA, is the founder of Sheriff Consulting, specializing in delivering professional and leadership skills webinars and online courses. Sheriff Consulting's mission is to create a learning environment that is both engaging and impactful to your professional development. Garth has also received training and worked as a professional actor. He is a member of the Alliance of Canadian Cinema, Television and Radio Artists and a graduate in improv from The Second City.

Dates and Registration for this Program


The eight modules are:

  • Module 1: Leading teams in a hybrid work environment
  • Module 2: Project management tools and techniques
  • Module 3: Managing your managers and partners 
  • Module 4: Providing effective feedback to your staff
  • Module 5: Business development and networking
  • Module 6: Creative problem solving for managers
  • Module 7: Time management tools  
  • Module 8: Professional ethics for managers


  • identify the challenges to leading hybrid teams and applying practical and research-based solutions to help overcome these challenges and lead your hybrid team to success 
  • identify essential project management tools and demonstrating the use of project management tools to improve productivity 
  • identify the different types of communication styles of your partners and matching your method of communication to your partners 
  • identify the challenges facing managers in providing effective feedback to employees
  • differentiate between effective feedback and ineffective feedback
  • apply research-based tools to help managers provide effective feedback
  • develop business development goals and demonstrating best practices for utilizing your network for business development 
  • identify the challenges to problem-solving and demonstrating the creative problem-solving approach 
  • explain a research-based approach to creative problem solving