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Linda Lucas

Linda Lucas, CPA, CMA, ACC,
Founding partner at Lead Vantage LLP

Lesley Ann
Lesley-Ann Marriott, Certified Executive Coach (CEC), and
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

June 5-8, 2024  |  In-person, Vancouver
October 23-26, 2024  |  In-person, Victoria

Building your management skills to take you to the next level

As a controller, you not only provide financial expertise in your organization, you provide leadership as a key member of the management team. Building on the foundation of your technical skills, your management and leadership skills will take you and your organization to the next level. Explore the theory, best practices, tools, and skills to further sharpen your leadership and management skills.

As part of the CPABC Controllership Program, this program will focus on management soft skills. The Controller’s Operational Skills Program will focus on core technical and operational skills. You can choose to complete only one of these programs, but if you complete both components you will receive the CPABC Controllership Program Certificate. They can be completed in any order as they focus on separate and distinct skills.


Unique features included with your registration

  • Comprehensive pre-work surveys include 360 Degree Leadership and Organizational Assessment
  • State of the art self-awareness assessment
  • Confidential one-on-one Executive Coaching session

Eligible CPD Hours: 28
Program Fee: $3,350 Early Bird | $3,650 Regular

Controller as Leader

  • Increase self-awareness and understanding of your leadership style
  • Understand linkages between leadership and self-management
  • Know what motivates you when things are going well and when things are not going well
  • Understand different personality profiles and learn how to build productive work relationships
  • Learn how to adapt your approach and leadership to your organization and team

Supervisory Skills

  • Learn how to provide effective and timely feedback
  • Understand how to align your staff with organizational goals
  • Build your listening and emotional intelligence skills
  • Become aware of unconscious bias and its impact on behaviour
  • Learn core coaching skills for managing performance

Team Dynamics

  • Know how to create effective teams
  • Learn how to conduct effective meetings
  • Understand how organizational culture shapes team dynamics

Communication Skills

  • Know how to adapt your message and delivery for specific audiences and situations
  • Appreciate the importance of non-verbal communication
  • Learn to effectively negotiate and collaborate with your colleagues
  • Learn how to communicate assertively
  • Become more comfortable with difficult conversations

Conflict & Change Management

  • Learn how to identify the root causes of conflict
  • Understand conflict behaviours in yourself and others, and ways they shape responses to conflict
  • Know how to use conflict to build relationships
  • Learn different ways to respond to conflict and how to choose your approach for a variety of situations
  • Appreciate why change can be a source of conflict and how to overcome resistance to change
  • Explore best practices for leading change and guiding your teams to peak performance


Linda Lucas

LINDA LUCAS, CPA, CMA, ACC, is a founding partner at Lead Vantage LLP which specializes in creating customized leadership training and coaching programs designed to equip leaders with the skills they need to thrive in their roles.

Drawing on 25 years of leadership experience in finance, operations, and strategy, Linda empowers companies to unlock their potential. Her approach helps build robust teams and cultivates a thriving work culture. Linda is skilled at coaching and developing customized workshops and training programs for a variety of industries. She collaborates with her clients to develop training that’s tailored to their specific needs, integrating real-world business expertise into the materials and coaching sessions. Linda provides practical guidance, always aligning training and coaching with the company’s strategy to ensure sustainable success.

Lesley Ann

LESLEY-ANN MARRIOTT, PCC, CEC is a candidate for the MCC, the highest credential for a Professional Coach.

As a former executive, she developed her skills in the competitive world of the big box retail business at the senior leadership table. She has invested thousands of hours coaching senior leaders and teams, many of whom are professional accountants. Described as “edgy and fun”, her sessions are highly interactive and entertaining. Lesley-Ann is Principal at Marriott Management Group, Associate Faculty at Royal Roads University – Executive Coaching Program, Faculty for CPA’s Executive Leadership Program and a Master Facilitator and Trainer for the SDI - Core Strengths course and assessments.