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In-House Presentations

CPABC, in conjunction with CPA Canada, provides In-house presentations, which are seminars tailored to fit your needs. They provide specialized training to firms seeking high-quality education to increase staff productivity and maintain professional expertise in a cost-effective and flexible manner. By providing your own meeting facilities and arranging your own time for these presentations, PD can be presented to meet the specific needs of your own audience.

Our customized training program is growing every year. The CPABC realizes that members work in diverse roles and industries, and that appropriate courses or seminars are sometimes difficult to locate. Our program is designed to provide you with training options not found anywhere else. Our inventory of seminars covers not only financial and ethical information that all members need, but also many other areas. You can customize classes for your whole staff in team building, business writing, leadership skills and more.

It's Flexible!

This is your program. It is designed to work around your schedule, which we know can be hectic. We bring the instructor to the location of your choosing, around the schedule you decide works best for your staff.

It's Customized and Confidential!

We can discuss your requirements and expectations in detail. CPABC can either customize an existing course or create a course specifically for you. When you hold the class in a private location with only your employees in attendance, you are able to discuss client information and feel safe to ask questions.

It's Cost Effective!

Costs vary depending on the size of your group and how much customization is required, but the per-person cost is typically less than attending an off site seminar. Also, by eliminating travel time and travel expenses for your staff, you can significantly decrease training costs.

It's Easy!

The CPABC will find and secure the right instructor for your needs, and will supply the course materials. We can assist with booking meeting facilities if you do not have room at your location. We work with many independent instructors nationwide, and have an exceptional pool of local and national instructors to draw from.

The benefits of offering in-house training to your employees are innumerable…but here are just a few:

  • Learn together and achieve organizational results as a team
  • Have more interaction with the instructor
  • Ask questions and get answers about issues that directly affect your bottom line

Meanwhile, employers benefit from being able to:

  • Save money on travel expenses
  • Save time by scheduling training when it is convenient
  • Get a customized course to fit your specific needs

Call today to find out how bringing a class on site makes sense to your business.
Contact Kitty Leung at 604-872-7222, Toll free in BC at 1-800-663-2677 or email

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